A professionally installed paver installation can always be noticed by the installation of the border pavers. Without a nice border the customer is left with ugly cuts on the outside perimeter of the pavement system. These small pieces are also vulnerable to abuse, and will eventually come loose, further weakening the pavement system. Life Time Pavers provides a border system with every installation.

Things to consider when choosing a paver border:

  1. Would you like the border to be accented in a different color?
  2. Would you prefer a wider more noticeable border or small and inconspicuous?
  3. Would you prefer a tumbled finish border?
  4. A traditional 4×8 soldier course is one of the most popular border styles.
The Most Popular Border Styles:
  • Traditional 4×8 Soldier Course (Rowlock Border)
  • Traditional 4×8 Runner Border (Nose to Nose)
  • Appian 6×6 Border (Side by Side Squares)
  • Appian 6×9 Rowlock (Recs side by side)
  • Appian 6×9 Runner (Recs nose to nose)