There are many things to consider when designing your paver project. After deciding on a plan that works for your home the next step is to decide on what paver is right for you. This can be the most difficult part when considering a new paver project. Everyone has different taste as well as how their brain works. Someone with a strong left brain will want a repeating pattern that has uniformity and symmetry. As opposed to a right brain which will like things more random and free form. One of the most popular paver patterns is the pattern K. The reason is this is a compromise between both sides. It has a random feel with a repetitive pattern. There is no right or wrong answer and all paver styles when complete look beautiful. The following is a list of things to help walk you through the decision making process.

Step 1: Select Paver Style (4×8, Appian, Tumbled, Serengeti, Halifax, etc. etc.)
– You may also need to consider the type of finish. Example: Tumbled or Appian
Step 2: Select Paver Pattern (Herringbone, Pattern K, Random etc. etc.)
Step 3: Select Paver Color (Chocolate/Tan Blend, Tan/Charcoal Blend etc. etc.)
Step 4: Select Border Style (6×6, 6×9, 4×8 Rowlock etc. etc.)
Step 5: Select Border Color or Finish ( Charcoal, Tumbled etc.) Click here
Most Popular Pattern: Appian Random

Tumbled Finish Appian w/ Circle Kit

4×8 Traditional 90 degree Herringbone