Gravel-Lok Aggregate Bonding System
When the St. Matthews Methodist Church in Bowie, MD needed an upgrade to the front of their church they selected Gravel-Lok as the product to solve the problem.  For years maintenance has been an issue in a tree shaded area in front of the church.  The shallow root system of the trees was a challenge for other products without causing damage to the root system.  The Gravel-Lok Porous Stone Scaping application created a maintenance free area that still allowed water to be delivered to the trees roots.  The area can also be used for a spill over standing area during events.  The stone used was a Delaware Valley River gravel in a 3/4″ size and bonded with Gravel-Lok.  Many of the large shallow roots were left revealed penetrating the surface of the Gravel-Lok creating an attractive look.  The project was installed within a days time by Life Time Pavers and was donated to the church by one of its members.  
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