Great customer service: responded to my inquiry immediately, Mark Young showed up on time to measure and offer design ideas, followed through on final design within a day of signing contract and the work was scheduled to begin in short order, the supplies were delivered on time and the work began on the day/time scheduled. The crew who installed the patio showed up at 7:15 AM and took their time laying out the design and they then got to work and didn’t stop until it was done by late afternoon. My patio looks outstanding. Overall, this company and the crew get top rating from me. Offered me a great price compared to industry standards.”

“My patio looks great! I was impressed with the fact the workers swept away all of the gravel they didn’t use that was on the road in front of my home. It was as if nothing was ever there. They also showed up a day early for the job, quite impressive. I have recommended them to my neighbors.”
“Life Time Improvements did a terrific job on my patio. Just as important, their communication with me and quick response to my questions is noteworthy as most contractors are not that attentive. Would definitely use them again.”

We found that Life Time Improvements did a very good job with our project. They were able to complete the job quickly after starting by working very hard and doing a fantastic job. They are sure to earn future business with our neighbors. We were very pleased with the job that Life Time Improvements did. We highly recommend them.”

“I was extremely pleased and would highly recoomend this company to anyone. Several neighbors have already inquired about jobs they would like done.”