More than just pavers, Life Time can help solve your drainage problems.  For two decades we have been designing and installing drainage systems to control storm water on residential properties.

  • French Drains
  • Catch Basins
  • Dry Wells
  • Swales & Channel Revetment 

French Drain

French drain,[1] blind drain,[1] rubble drain,[1] rock drain,[1] drain tileperimeter drain or land drain is a trench covered withgravel or rock that redirects surface and groundwater away from an area. A French drain can have perforated hollow pipes along the bottom (see images) to quickly vent water that seeps down through the upper gravel or rock. French drains are common drainagesystems, primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations. Alternatively, the French drain technique may be used to distribute water, such as a septic drain field at the outlet of a typical septic tank sewage treatment system. French drains are also used behind retaining walls to relieve ground water pressure.

dry well is an underground structure that disposes of unwanted water, most commonly stormwater runoff, by dissipating it into the ground, where it merges with the local groundwater.

Water Collection Systems