Be the best pizza chef in town and the talk of friends and family! Bake the most delicious, traditional Italian pizza pies, open-faced baguette pizzas, homemade breads as well as roast vegetables and a variety of dishes right in your own backyard… all with authentic, Old World, brick oven flavor. Choose from two styles — Olde English Wall and MaytRx Wall — with beautiful, Cast Stone Surround Deluxe facing. Ready to Install… absolutely NO cutting necessary. Both ovens have roomy, 31”-diameter floors lined with professional-grade cooking tiles. In just forty-five minutes, the wood-fired, double-insulated oven heats-up to 800 degrees, which will cook pizza in about 90 seconds. Temperature levels can be controlled, higher and lower, and the heat can be held for many hours enabling the cooking of multiple foods at the same outdoor gathering. A “breaking in” period must be adhered to (See instructions). A decorative metal door encloses the opening when not in use. For added convenience, these open-hearth, pizza ovens are complete with a built-in firewood box. Consider completing your outdoor cooking experience by pairing a Cambridge Outdoor Kitchen Kit with a matching Cambridge Pizza Oven Kit. Mangia!