We are so pleased with our newly paved driveway.  It looks better than we expected.  It was a pleasure working with Mark, the owner and his construction team.  Everyone was extremely professional and accessible.  They addressed all of our questions and concerns.  Even a representative from Cambridge provided helpful information and lent us his pattern book.

The workmen on our driveway were like a well oiled machine.  They arrived before 8 AM every day and left after 6 PM  in the evening.  There was no wasted effort.  Everyone knew what needed to be done and they worked extremely well together.  Even the demolition was neat and organized.  The pavers were cut with extreme precision.  You could tell that these men took pride in their work.  They even provided landscaping around the sides of the driveway, laying top soil and river rocks.  Along part of the driveway edge, they built a small garden area, surrounded by chapel stones.  The men were also talented masons, and finished a retaining wall they built with some leftover stone veneers we had left over from the previous homeowner.

Throughout their very heavy labor, the men were all very pleasant.  It was obvious that they enjoyed their work and took it very seriously.  They understood what a serious investment this was for us and they made sure we were happy with the results.

We are looking forward to more projects with Life Time Pavers.  They really have mastered exceptional customer service.

David & Jeanine Lissauer